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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Publisher
Location India
Introduction Snobster is an erstwhile drinker with a writing problem. Started writing 'the' blog at 16, Snobster gave this page and various universities enough fucks for nine years and three months. At some point during that period she went to a film school and studied everything, except how to make a 100 crore blockbuster film. This is the pegging point of all the problems in her life, ever. Neither with writing, nor her relationship with cinema was working out. She then took a break from both the loves of her life; only to realize she’s lost three precious months in the process. While she doesn’t fully regret the decision yet, she misses wearing shorts every day. She is also very aware that she can do much better. For example, a PhD. Currently, she is employed as a researcher, albeit on ‘probation’. She sincerely hopes she fails to make that into a permanent position so she can rekindle her old comfy relationships immediately. It’s possible you looked her up on one of the aforementioned detail and that has brought you down to reading this. In case it hasn’t, then shame on you for stalking her. Get a real job or something.
Interests Button badges, jazz, oversized Tshirts, vanity, formal letters, bass playing, punctuations, reading music, philosophy, writing, Delhi, photography, chips, discovering kitsch, blazers.

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Don't kiss until the right moment arrives, unless you want the same fate as the princess who turned into a wig, kids. You're left with a bald frog if you don't follow my instructions.