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Gender MALE
Occupation Shepherd
Location Malibu, California, United States
Introduction I happened upon some things that didn't make any sense to me and I started blogging about it one day. Someone challenged me to prove his bizarre theories with my own research and I did. Thats all. The information happened to come from a person I trust, not only personally but also as a person I admire intellectually. The truth is about control. Control the people, control the money and control the politics, war included. If you follow the money, it will lead you to the Vatican. The story of the infestation of Jesuits, through her blasphemous Society of Jesus is in fact a sinister plan to control the earth's population for their master, Lucifer; All controlled by the Church, through the Black Pope and his military order. Everything on this page is up for scrutiny... I dare you. But hey, don't believe me...Do your own research. You've come this far, you must have gotten here somehow and for some reason. I encourage your questions and comments. I certainly have more questions than answers but I do have a lot of experience researching the researchers. Don't believe me or anyone else. Believe in yourself, believe what you can prove.
Interests Survival