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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Introduction I'm a 34 year old male New Zealander who tries to make each day suck just a little less. After having spent most of my teenage years depressed, having felt isolated by my diverging values (i.e. my own wealth is far less important to me than doing something, anything that matters) I found myself doing all sorts of volunteer activities and eventually ended up working on the Manaiakalani Project. I'm quite contrary to the IT industry in general and think we need to ask questions like "Who does best practice really benefit?" and "Does it fit into this context or do the compromises just not make any sense?" etc. I'm now currently unemployed - finding myself in an odd space where I know I have skills - I just don't know how to market them.
Favorite Movies The Infinite Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Lars and the Real Girl, Fight Club

Where does critical thinking fit in to religion if our kids are asked to be unquestioning? Should kids be encouraged to debate with religious leaders?