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Industry Real Estate
Location South Carolina, United States
Introduction I am: Wife to an amazing husband who tells me every day that he thinks I'm beautiful...even when I wake up looking like Medusa. Mom to 22 y/o college boy/rescue hero; an 18 y/o daughter who's just begun her college career, and 14 y/o twin boys who love homeschool, martial arts, hunting, archery, science experiments, acting in our co-op's drama program and FOOD. Lots and lots of food. And did I mention girls?
Favorite Movies Star Wars, ET, The Time Traveler's Wife, Indiana Jones, The Bourne Identity, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sleepless in Seattle, Bringin Up Baby, Philadelphia Story, Gone With the Wind, The Wedding Singer
Favorite Music Why would anyone care what kind of music I like to listen to? Does it matter? Will it change what YOU listen to? If I like music that you hate, will you stop visiting? Probably not. If you like music I don't care for, will I make you go away? Not. So, go ahead and hum your favorite tune while you read my blog. Isn't that what you came here for anyway?
Favorite Books Well, really, I like to read just about anything. No kidding. I get very bored if my eyes aren't looking at print. It doesn't matter what it is...a good book, a newspaper, the Bible, someone else's blog, my daughter's textbooks (Not like she's gonna read 'em!) the preview channel, meaningless trivia, useless facts, the instructions to the remote control, the nutritional info on the back of the Pop Tarts box (Not that I eat Pop Tarts because I don't...they're dead food. I'd rather eat an apple. Really!)Yeah. I guess I just like to read.