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Introduction Founded in 2007 by a group of writers, editors and booksellers, ringShout: A Place for Black Literature is dedicated to recognizing, reclaiming and celebrating excellence in contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction by black writers in the United States. Why the name ringShout? One of the first dances created by Africans brought to America as slaves in the 1700s, the ring shout was a sacred circle dance of salvation that enabled a community to find perserverance, provided solace and rejuvenation, and sheltered many early nuances of Africanist culture and practice. (Adapted from Thea Nerissa Barnes, The Association of Dance of the African Diaspora Dictionary 2005-2006) We hope that our ringShout can be the same for serious, skilled black writers creating ambitious fiction. We also want to assert our centrality to all facets of the American experience, literary and otherwise.