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Gender MALE
Industry Agriculture
Occupation Sodbuster/serviceman/mechanic
Location Nebraksa, United States
Introduction I live in A small town in Southeast Nebraska. I get dirty for a living. My hands have many scars and are mostly callouses. I like lots of random things. I love to take pictures of stuff. Motorcycles, Jeeps, Rallycars, guns, knives, music, photography, movies,and music. These are the things that bounce around in my head the most. Machines rule. Old machines rule more. Rust is neato as long as it isn't on my stuff.
Interests My wife and son, theology, photography, reading, art, movies, video games, camping, hunting, shooting, comics, Anime, Manga, Any racing that actually requires you to turn BOTH directions, motorcycles, Jeeps, cars, any highly modified vehicle, (specifically: cafe racers, streetfighters, choppers, race bikes, flattrackers, speedway bikes, musclebikes, motards, ratbikes, ratfighters, survial bikes, rockcrawlers, trail rigs, any vehicle competeing in the Baja 1000, 500 or Daakkar, RALLYCARS!!!, hillclimbers, drift cars, tuners, desert vehicles, ect.)Especialy Group B rally cars, tractors, tractor technology/engineering, tanks, military vehicles, odd/interesting engines (the Audi straight 5!, Jeep 4.0, any straight configuired5, 6, or 8 motor!) WW1/WWII plane motors, European cars, exotics, sliding, drifting, jumping, and just generally driving to fast on loose surfaces like gravel, dirt, mud, snow, Any projectile firing weapon, knives, muzzleloaders, Japanese culture, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The UFC, mixed martial arts, welding, metal fabrication, hand drums, found precussion/insterments, turntableism, mole people, urban exploration, Stickers...I love stickers, Unimogs, German engineering, Rockers....they rode cafe racers...they weren't musicians, Bulldozers, carbon fibre, titanium, magnesium, Tipis, the almighty Ak-47, single action revolvers, the 1911, combat shotguns, Well drilling and drill rig fabrication, farmer engineering, creative problem solving with limit resources
Favorite Music Tom Waits, Buck 65, Loretta Lynn, Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, Nightwish, Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode, Kenny Rogers, Seal, Danny Elfman, Dj Pica, Breakbeat, acid breakbeat, breaks, tech, minimal, Electro, Old school hip hop (you'll notice I spelled that correctly and not with a "k" because I am not a retard.)experimental, noise, Ambient noise, primative sound manufacturing, hand drumming