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Gender Male
Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I was made in Canada around 40 years ago. My parents are originally from China, but had to flee to Taiwan because Uncle Chiang and Uncle Mao didn't get along. I've worked in retail, the airline industry, manufacturing (wood products), and shipping. I currently have two jobs that I am very, very happy with.
Interests Past interests: Mountain biking, snowboarding, anime/sci-fi, cars, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, food blogging, Wushu, and Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony). Current interests: Iaido and firearms.
Favorite Movies Musashi, Chushingura, Shichi Nin No Samurai, Harakiri, Mibu Gishi Den, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, American Sniper, Act of Valour, Kikujiro no Natsu, Shall we Dance (Japanese version), Okuribito (Departures), Tampopo, Wandafuru Raifu (Afterlife), ai oboete imasu ka?
Favorite Books Musashi, Taiko, Confessions of a Yakuza, Immediate Action, Bravo Two Zero