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Gender Female
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation entertainer
Location NSW, Australia
Introduction I might be Very Opinionated, but I'm NOT a little dog. Luckily for little dogs, I'm kept on a Somewhat Short Leash. Some truly fascinating facts about me are in my very first post "Hello, will you be my friend?"
Interests Everything interests me. I'm A Very Curious Dog.
Favorite Movies Anything, as long as I'm watching from someone's lap.
Favorite Music The song my out-at-work human sings to me: Geor- Geor-gia! Geor- Geor-gia! A good, good girl is Geor- Geor-gia! He wrote it just for me and I love it a lot.
Favorite Books Don't be silly. I can't read.

My random question: why do little dogs with short legs need long leashes, and why are big dogs with long legs kept on short ones? And does that count as 2 questions?