Rick Staggenborg, MD

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Gender Male
Industry Military
Occupation Psychiatrist
Location Worldwide
Introduction I am a 51 year old married VA psychiatrist and retired Captain of the US Army Medical Corps. I am running for the US Senate from Oregon in order to introduce or vote for if already introduced a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood on the floor of the Senate
Interests Ending war everywhere and for all time, bringing universal health care to the world starting with the US, saving the Earth from environmental destruction and developing a steady state economy based on local industry, incentives for population control and decentralized food and energy production.
Favorite Movies What Dreams May Come, Avatar, V is for Vendetta, Bullitt, Slaughterhouse Five, 12 Angry Men, Little Big Man, The Soloist, Captain Newman MD, To Kill a Mockingbird and Contact, off the top of my head.
Favorite Music Both kinds- Rock AND Roll. I am very eclectic in this regard. Zydeco is groovy, too, as is some hip-hop, country (especially rockabilly)and alternative.
Favorite Books Give me a break. I pay homage to my favorite writers in my own book, Stop the Madness: The Diary of a Soldier For Peace in the War to Take Back America.

If voting for a third party means throwing away your vote, what do you gain by voting for a Demican or a Republicrat? ANSWER: GO GREEN!