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Location San Clemente, CA, United States
Introduction My life can be separated into two major time periods, with the dividing moment my diagnosis of Leukemia on January 13, 2000. Everything following that day has been drastically different than the 12 preceeding years. Since my diagnosis I have endured 15 surgeries, 4 of which were knee surgeries, total body irradiation, chemotherapy, hair loss, a cord blood transplant, and many, many resulting complications and procedures. In 2005, I was able to graduate high school on track and attended San Francisco State University as a pre-nursing major. The city provided a haven of friends, culture, new experiences, much needed independence, and the delayed and missed experiences of someone my age. In June 2008 I moved from San Francisco to Southern California for another knee surgery. Living with my aunt and uncle in San Clemente, this surgery has delivered both extreme pain and joy, both unexpected in different respects. But to focus on the joy, after 3 months of physical therapy I began dating my physical therapist. Because of Brent, my family and my friends, I have never been happier.