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Introduction I hope this will end up as a collection of recipes, restaurants and anything else that celebrates the wonderful diversity of foods and how we prepare and eat them. Some ingredients may seem unusual to you, but I love learning about new cooking techniques and tasting new foods. I am fascinated by the way in which different cultures have made their food into something more than just fuel. This is a reflection of what excited me at that time and season. Above all it is a record of where I was and what was eaten...and how to bring those memories back again.
Favorite Books Anissa Helou's The Fifth Quarter, Yan-Kit So's Classic Chinese Cookery, Fuchsia Dunlop's Sichuan Cookery, Elizabeth David's French Country Cooking, Dorothy Hartley's Food in England and Ruth Reichl's Comfort Me with Apples, just to name a few!

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

Trying to decide whether cannibalism is still immoral if combined with garlic,parsley and butter...