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Location United Kingdom
Introduction If I am honest, I will admit that starting a blog is just a way of fooling myself that someone, anyone is listening to me. Given that my offspring describe anything I say as "like, white noise, innit?" I am pathetically grateful for a more attentive audience. :-D
Favorite Movies American Beauty, East is East, The Commitments, The Full Monty.
Favorite Books Anything by Clare Chambers, The Time Travellers Wife, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Joyous Season by Patrick Dennis, The L-shaped Room, anything by Edna O'Brien or William Trevor.

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

Easy - I'd be an ENGLISH pirate, for whom the word 'poop' has no significance. Captain Killjoy sounds like a good name...