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Gender Male
Industry Religion
Location United States
Introduction I am nothing extraordinary in terms of earthly fortune and fame. Many have come before me who possessed greater wisdom than myself. Life is a pursuit of truth and must be lived out with eternity in mind. Every day that a man lives through is the provision of a merciful God who grants him another opportunity to repent of his sins. Literature, music, art, and science are wonderful fields in which human curiosity flourishes. We are modeled after our Creator in that we too are creators in our own limited sphere. However, such endeavors cannot be allowed to blind us to the reality that we were made for another world. It is then that we will experience true fulfillment and bliss.
Interests Theology, science, and history
Favorite Books The Pilgrim's Progress, Paradise Lost, The Canterbury Tales, Moby-Dick, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Last of the Mohicans, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Swiss Family Robinson, Beowulf, Shakespeare's Sonnets, and several others