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Introduction Recently, with much soul searching and discussion, Jason and I decided to adopt through the foster care system in our county. After lots of questions about both how our journey is going, as well as the foster-adopt process through Child Welfare Service (CWS), I decided to start this blog to keep interested family and friends updated. As of now, what I can tell you is that Jason and I have decided to accept sibling groups into our homes, and we are also requesting an infant. I will try to update each week as we go through and finish up our classes, as well as update whenever we have news along the way as well. Some of the posts will be about the actual process of adopting through the system, while others will be about some of the feelings/challenges we face along the way. I will mostly be blogging in this space, but every now and then Jason may feel so inclined, and his posts will be titled "Jason's Thoughts on..." Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, as I know not very many people are familiar with the system. As I learn myself, I will try to answer your questions along the way!