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Introduction A human of no fixed planetary surface, let alone nationality, Anna Tambour is happiest in the third person. Born in Ankara, Tambour has lived in many places, travelled widely, and been obsessed by many curiosities, most of them small and insignificant.
Supreme Compassionata, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bulwer-Lytton.
Founding human, Sigesbeckia/Siegesbeckia Anti-defamation League.
The League's MISSION: Dedicated to the complex-tasting, incalculably caloried delights of accuracy, especially against the lite 'n' low sweetness of gossiped disparagement. In solidarity with Sigesbeckia (all spellings and subspecies) we declare that only those humans or otherwise who know from first-x (x = whatever is applicable) experience, know enough to describe any of us as 'unpleasant', 'stinky', or 'miraculous'.
Tambour's role as originator of the rhabarbarum form of metered verse has perhaps overshadowed her food, music, fashion and science chronicles, particularly those involving soft fruits and woodwinds banned from concerts.