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Introduction For anyone who may be wondering how I got the name 'Of Mice and Jen' here's a brief synopsis. First, I love a pun. Not just a good pun, any pun really. And Jen is too easy to play around with. Additionally, I'm currently a job gypsy of sorts, traveling from freelance to part-time looking for new opportunities. While I am infinitely luckier than Steinbeck's Great Depression-era protagonists George Milton and Lennie Small, I find a kinship in the (virtual) journeyman life. Plus I love being able to turn a pun into a literary allusion. Not much more to it than that. In regards to me, I'm a semi-recent college graduate doing freelance PR, marketing, and communications, while also doing odd jobs in sports, culinary, and writing. I've loved sports for as a long as I can remember (or probably more specifically when Michigan won the '89 NCAA Tournament when I was six months old). In fact, I once got into an argument with a group of 14 year old boys about point shaving scandals in the '70s--I was nine. I may also be an Anglophile.