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Introduction I grew up in the potato state but I can't ever remember seeing a potato. When I was fourteen we moved to Utah where I spent two years roaming the canyon lands before moving out and away from my parents and back to Idaho, where I graduated way back in 1989. The day after graduation I left Idaho, visited family in southern Utah for a few days then hopped on a bus and ended up in Hazard KY. There I was going to college and working night shift at Denny's. I met my husband who was also working night shift. He was a cook. I was a waitress. We didn't date. We worked. This seemed to establish some kind of lasting relationship because 21 years we still are--working to raise five kids. And that's my life story in one paragraph. We presently live in Virginia. I write poetry and whatever else comes to mind. I think writing is a way of interacting with the world without actually having to interact with it. I also believe the "internet" isn't a new phenomena. The world wide web started with the first book... So, yeah, anyway... thanks for stopping by.