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Introduction First off, everything on this site is copyright, OK? Writing, especially good song writing, fascinates me. What is the drive? Where do the ideas come from? I'm inspired by what I find and hopefully I pass on a little encouragement and inspiration too. My “musings” are based on the concept of Object Writing and other exercises to open the brain and heart for song ideas. You can't find gold or diamonds without a lot of digging and scrapping through sludge. Just because I post something doesn't mean it's any good... Just that it seemed like a good idea at the time.... What turns the crank? I'm not in it for the money - well that would be nice work if one can get it. When other musicians / song writers give me a kudo or two - well that's special. When I motivate myself to create as consistently as I can; step back and say "did I do that?" and feel the exhilaration of overcoming obstacles in the process; and even use that creative energy in day to day problem solving... well that is something deep and I cannot lose....