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Introduction Sony: As an infant, my mother was told by a clairvoyant that I would be a world traveler. So here I am open to all the possibilities that come with traveling the world, curiosity, my guide and challenges, my teacher. If you ever feel the itch, come join me, the more, the merrier! Leo: In previous journeys I was privileged to participate in an all night ceremony with an 82 year old Indian woman shaman from the world’s last remaining magic mushroom cult high in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico; dance with the nomadic yak herding tribes of Bhutan where elaborately painted penises, 20 feet in length decorate country homes to emphasize their matriarchal lifestyle; participated in opium smoking with 9 year old girls in Laos tribal villages where spirits and are alive and well and glimpsed Burma countryside dancing where men dressed as women become possessed with spirits, channeling their occupant’s actions all night to the sound of beating drums. Well that was a few years ago, let’s see if there is anything left in the world aside from people overtaken by refined sugar, oil and hypnotized by corporate control.