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Introduction I was diagnosed with JRA when I was 2. Now I'm 46, on my 97th Rheumatologist and my 5000th PT visit. Color me surprised when my 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with EDS, Type 3. I'll bet you can figure out what comes next, last summer I was diagnosed with EDS, Type 3 (though I sure can't get anyone to pay for genetic testing). If that wasn't enough at the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, Hyperadrenergic POTs/IST (I can barely say it much less figure out how to treat it). I have many other co-morbidities that come with the above. My health keeps me busy full-time. When I'm not catering to keep my body running I'm busy being a wife to my husband who also has PsA (seriously, enough) and my daughter (with possible POTS, ain't genetics grand). Grabba cup of Joe and settle in, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Somehow we always seem to manage to make it work! Welcome!