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Gender Female
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Introduction I'm a JA'er from way back this year I will celebrate my 43 anniversary (dx'd at 2, you do the math). I'm on my 97th rheumatologist, about my 5000th week of PT and my 18th surgery (just kidding, only 8) in 8 years. I'm on Actemra and my RA is controlled the best it has been in 8 years, and yet its still light years away from remission. Fighting RA is my full time job without benefits and lousy hours. The rest of my time I spend being a wife to my wonderful husband of 20 years (yes, some spouse's do stay) and a mom to my 12 year old daughter with EDS (yes, even JRA'ers can have kids). Grab a cuppa joe and hang around while I whine, joke or just chat about my daily life with RA and all of the sides (which are plentiful an abundant and sometimes seem worse than the RA itself) that go with it ! Enjoy!