Bharath Reddy

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation Managing Director @ Xannon Technologies
Location Nellore/Bangalore/Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh/Karnataka, India
Links Audio Clip, Wishlist
Introduction HMMM... LEMME TRY TO DESCRIBE ABT ME.....a living example of murphy's law, amateur psychologist, assured/insecure, BAD software engineer, even WORSE chemical engineer, can't hide secrets, careless, caring, charming, big-ambitions-small-efforts, confused, creative, disorganized, dual-personality, practical/emotional, extravagant, extrovert, flirt, frequent loner, genuine at heart, glib liar, good company, human relations specialist, instinctive, introspective, irresponsible, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, logical, love to party, music-lover, never-satisfied, nice sense of humour, rational, restless, seeking attention, sharp, staunch atheist, talkative, tendency to elaborate, trustworthy, understanding, untidy, versatile, virgin, IS THIS ENOUGH...???!!!!!! I THINK THIS IS MUCH ENOUGH
Interests HAnGING OUT IN THE DARK(Luv NIGHT), Hiding things under my bed and letting them grow., Complaining about everything, staring at my neighbour's gal, Screaming for no apparent reason, CRYING on memories(sometimes they really hurt), Cheating in class(ITS LIKE A GIFT)!, Calling people up 3:00 am in the morning., SLapping my cousin sister, getting slapped by my parents after that!, Thinking of not slapping her again, Then SLAPPING her AGAIN!!!HAHAHAHA, kicking garbage cans, Wasting others time., Waking up people when they are trying to sleep., Giving people wrong directions, Talking to people when they are busy, Talking to myself, Smashing things, Finding new places to hide a body (of some1 ill kill someday), Staring at girls(not exactly but kind-of)..( Pretty ones only )!
Favorite Movies list ll go on..... i saw almost all movies of shahruk...john...big B....sanjay dutt(boleto...)..amir......... coming to english...huh>>> man this space is not really enough to write my best ones..
Favorite Music Avril lavigne, Bon JOvi, creed, godsmack, slipknots, megadeath, Ramones, iron maiden, staind, yellow card, john blunt, pelican, Bob marley, The cure, parikrama, limp bizkit ( kind of crawlin up ), july for kings, Maroon 5, lou reed, some of pink floyd, verve, JAL, STRINGS, STING, SHAAN, A R, RAMMSTEIN, RASMUS, BLACK EYED PEAS, Guns n Roses, Savage garden, Nusrah Fateh Ali Khan, Venessa Carlton, satriani, eric clapton, deep purple, Robbi Williams, Metallica, Gr33n d@y, coldplay, santana, hendrix, five for fighting, u2, MATCHBOX 20, UB40, USHER, 50 CENT, MNM, BLUE, WEST LIFE, BACKSTREET BOYS, BEETLES ...., and LINKIN PARK(LOVE HIS EVERY SONG..) THE LIST WILL GO ON..........
Favorite Books Read some of Sidney Sheldon books..., Tell me your dreams.., Are you afraid of dark?, If tomorrow comes?, The best laid plans, Nothing last forever, The sands of time, Memories of midnight, The sky is falling, Bloodline., A stranger in the mirror, - and goes on...... on…. Hmm.. also I read some books like Vanished by Karen robards, Memory in death by J.D.Robb, Willing by lucy Monroe, On the run by Iris Johansen, On the edge by Cindy Gerard, She’s got the looks by Leslie Kelly, The wrong hostage by Elizabeth Lowell, Thts it…..

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

China LOL!!