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Occupation Writer/Respiratory Therapist
Location Florida, United States
Introduction Down-to-earth, "baby boomer," born in Long Island. Italian,darkish hair, hazel eyes, full lips, 5'2, about 100-105 lbs. Love chocolate. Love dogs, especially my 3, who are my only "children." All boys, big, around 10 yrs. old. Just had my first book published and released, this month. Faithful Devotion, is a true story about my Green Beret husband. Although it's an adventure/military story, about my husband's life stuggle in espionage, war and politics, it also brings the reader into our stuggles of a May/December love.
Interests My dogs have become one of my main interests, besides writing. Mine are the only "children" I have, so I've come to learn a lot about them over the years. And no matter how much I know about them, they know me more. By a quick glance at my eyes, my Shephard can "see" exactly what I'm feeling. Dogs may not be able to understand all the words we use, but they do "feel" the meaning behind them, and have an understanding of what's been communicated. Dogs are the most wonderful beings I've ever encountered, as they truly live life "in the moment." They love unconditionally. All living beings respond to kindness. I love to dance, and my husband taught me "ballroom dancing, " including the Tango. I really enjoy latin dancing, like the Mambo. The Waltz is another beautiful dance. And of course, The Swing, and "disco." When I don't have a partner for these, I also enjoy "freestyle" a lot.
Favorite Movies My favorite movie has not come out yet. :o) It is Faithful Devotion, after my book. However, I tend to like a lot of comedies/romatic comedies. For now, my favorites are "Analyze This" and "Analyze That."
Favorite Music Most of Sade's music really moves me. Simon and Garfunckle's Bridge Over Troubled Water, is my all time favorite. I feel like I'm meditating, when I sing it.
Favorite Books I'm dyslexic, and although my mother has always been an avid reader, and used to read to my siblings and myself when we were children, I'm not much of a reader of stories. I enjoy mostly true stories, and read self-help books; mostly spiritual. However, my favorite book, (besides mine:)is Marley and Me. life and love with the world's worst dog." (A yellow lab, which I have)

Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE? Every living being has a purpose, or they would not be here.