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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
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Location Dallas, Texas, United States
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Introduction My father worked at ORNL for 28 years, I was only emoployeed there from one. My father was a reactor Chemist. And worked on the LFTR concept for about 2/3eds of his ORNL career. My knowledge of the LFTR comes primarily from my familiarity with my father's work. I am not a nuclear scientist or engineer by training or employment, but I am some training as a historian of science and I am sufficiently understanding of reactor issues to have a basic understanding of many technical documents. My work is recognized by my peers among nuclear bloggers most of whom have technical training, and my work has been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal. I hope that is sufficient to establish my authority. I hold a BA in Philosophy from Carson Newman College, and an MA in Philosophy from Memphis University. In addition I worked on a PhD, in History, which I did not finish, at The University of Texas at Dallas. I also did further graduate studies in Sociology, Psychology and Counseling at North Texas University and Texas Woman's University.
Interests Sleeping all night, getting up in the morning
Favorite Movies I like lots of movies, including almost anything in the action adventurer category.
Favorite Music Opera, classical including symphonic an chamber works.
Favorite Books War and Peace, Plato's Republic; "What is Enlightenment, by Immanuel Kant; Mind Self and Society, by George Herbert Mead. The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, by Adam Smith; The First Nuclear Era, by Alvin Weinberg.