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Introduction Perhaps a short biographical note would be in order, to give some idea of who I am. I was raised in the backwoods of Oregon, up the McKenzie River. I stopped believing in God when I was 14. At that time, I thought I was the only person who knew there was no God. I am a fossil collector (shark teeth, whale vertebrae, petrified nuts, etc.). I got a B.S. in Philosophy at the University of Oregon, and my favorite philosophers were Wittgenstein, Ryle, and Austin. My Ph.D. was earned at the University of California, Irvine in 1975, and my dissertation was on Minds and Machines, on how to make machines psychologically more like people. At Oregon and at Irvine, I learned what I could from some of the best: John Cook, Frank Ebersole, Arnie Zweig, Henry Alexander, John Wisdom, D.C. Dennett, A.I. Melden, Gerasimos Santos, Nelson Pike, and Stan Munsat. … I am married to my one true love, and we have several wonderful children and even a couple beautiful grandchildren. I do not have a dog. The pretty little tri-color beagle that people see me walk around the block at least three times a day is my wife's dog. I am only the primary caretaker.