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Gender MALE
Location Brattleboro, VT, United States
Introduction Before this lucky adventure, I worked at a car dealership in Southern Vermont doing Internet stuff to pay the bills and was active and involved in making my home town a better place. My joy in life has come from being involved in the community and volunteering as a photography instructor to teens at a non-profit photo project one street down from the best downtown apartment on the planet. When I was faced with the double wammy of losing my day job and my dream job in the same week, I took the advice of a dear friend to listen to the universe and travel. Thus begins my odyssey.
Interests Being on my bike and anything outdoorsy, photography, being involved and helping out.
Favorite Movies Into the Wild, High Fidelity, Citizen Kane, The Wizard of OZ, It's a Wonderful Life, Titanic, The Lives of Others, 1776, Moulon Rouge, Love Actually, etc...
Favorite Music Radio Head, Tori Amos, The Who, Modest Mouse, TCD (my band - long ago), Sinead O'connor, lots of Classical, some Jazz, The Cranberries, AC/DC (with Bonn Scot not the other wanker), etc...
Favorite Books I'm working on that one...Era's helping me.

When does a photograph become art and when is it just a photograph?