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Introduction In February 2013, two things happened: I turned 39 and I joined the National Trust. Other people in my position would have thought “I’ll hit 40 this time next year, I’m off on a hedonistic rampage” and gone to Ibiza for 12 months. Not me. I handed myself in to middle age a year early. It’s for the best: I’m not making a fool of myself in clubs and we have a nice sticker on our car windscreen. I created this blog for two reasons. Firstly, having joined, I wasn’t actually visiting any National Trust places. Secondly, I was managing to forget everything about every place I visited - I would read pamphlets and admire vases and then get in the car and not be able to tell you one single thing about what I'd just seen. I needed a reason to take it all in, basically. So that's why I started the blog - four years on and I've tracked down 150+ scones as well as learning a ton about history. If you are a fellow aficionado of National Trust scones, tweet me your thoughts and photos @nt_scones