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Gender MALE
Occupation Software Developer
Location London, England, United Kingdom
Introduction A software developer of 20 years standing. (My feet are really beginning to ache too,) I originally worked in the aerospace industry, but was relieved to be made redundant so I could pursue more ethical stuff. (No, really.) For more than a decade I've been employed writing graphics and CAD systems. Library level stuff, so I've never had to soil my hands on Windows GUI. (Pah!) Mostly C and C++, some of it on embedded systems back in the "defence" industry days. (But that was mostly with Coral. Shudder!) I can also code in Python and PostScript ... but not Java. On principle. Java is an abomination unto man! PROUD LINUX USER/PROUD TO BE AN ATHEIST
Interests Computers, Guitars, Atheism, Scepticism, Films, Humo(u)r
Favorite Movies The Big Lebowski, 2001 A Space Odyssey
Favorite Books Anything by Jack Vance, but especially The Demon Princes and Planet of Adventure