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Gender MALE
Occupation Slaphead
Location That There London, United Kingdom
Introduction Thanks to networking sites, Nick has become accustomed to talking about himself in the third person so will continue to do so in this description.
Born and raised in the wilds of South East London but don't hold that against him. He's still civilised enough to be invited round for dinner.
He likes stuff but concedes that things can also be rather lovely too.
Interests Film making, film watching, rain on a warm day, comics, comics and more comics, laughing so hard that a little bit of wee comes out, having my bald head licked by random strangers, sci fi, occasional synchronicity, gigs, world domination (utilising the local public house as foremost base of operations, naturally), the word "plinth", drinking copious amounts of lager and then dancing badly, puppets, eating cheese before bedtime and being the owner of a beard (some of these interconnect - sometimes in strange ways).
Favorite Movies Hundreds and hundreds of the buggers. Favourites include (but are not limited to) Airplane!, Fight Club, Ghostbusters, Alien, Big Lebowski, OldBoy, Mallrats, American Splendor, Pulp Fiction, Monsters Inc, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Thank You For Smoking, Aliens, The Producers (original), The Muppet Movie, Monty Python's Life Of Brian, Be Kind, Rewind, the Evil Dead trilogy, Annie Hall, The Princess Bride, Amelie, Bubba Ho-Tep, Clerks, Gremlins, Blazing Saddles, the Indiana Jones tilogy, Ed Wood, Brazil, The Terminator, Braindead, Memento, the Back To The Future trilogy, Jabberwocky, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Batman The Movie (60s), Withnail And I, Duck Soup, Spinal Tap and the greatest film ever made - Transformers: The Movie - the 80's one, of course, with the proper cartoon versions in it. I don't even need to mention to the original Star Wars trilogy, right? You've taken that as read, naturally...
Favorite Music Music is a good thing and variety is the spice of life (well, that and cumin). Here's a random list in no particular order of some singy people what I do like:- The Beatles, Queens Of The Stone Age, Curtis Mayfield, Chas 'n' Dave, We Are Scientists, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, ELO, Rolling Stones, Motel Hero, Ben Folds Five, Jake Thackray, Jimi Hendrix, Madness, Gogol Bordello, Foo Fighters, The Fratellis, Plan A, Muse, Jamiroquai, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Tom Jones, Chas 'n' Dave, Honeycube, Nick Drake, Hayseed Dixie, Mark Ronson, Stone Temple Pilots, Isaac Hayes, Kaiser Chiefs, The Kinks, Pharcyde, The Zutons, Radiohead, Fantastic Plastic Machine, The Killers, Gorillaz, Chas'n' Dave, Sack Trick, Frank Sinatra, Manu Chao, Kings Of Leon, Prodigy, The Futureheads, Tenacious D, Blur, The Coral, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Young Knives, Chas 'n' Dave, Ray Charles, Jack Johnson, The Divine Comedy, Salt N Pepa, Gnarls Barkley, Propellerheads, Aerosmith, Chemical Brothers, The Streets, Queen, Pizzicato Five, Rage Against The Machine, Nina Simone... did I mention Chas 'n' Dave at all?
Favorite Books Ones with monsters. Or pirates. Or spaceships. Or robot monster pirates with lasers coming out of their eyes who fly around in big spaceships. And can travel back in time. Yeah that would be cool.

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

Let's see:- flying car, silver foil outfit, food in pill form, robotic children. Ah, yes. No oxygen. Bugger.