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Occupation Stay at home Mom
Location Oregon, United States
Introduction Going from a two family income to a tight one family income has been a great challenge. We have to retrain our thinking and expectations to live within our limits. We don’t have as much expendable income. We gave up everything when we moved from the East Coast to the Northwest, therefor even our home is starting from scratch. Our clothes, decor things that make a home, feel like you own place. One of the journeys for this blog is to allow us not to feel so deprived in all aspects of our life, but on a new budget. I love being a stay at home mom now for my one year old daughter (aka Cupcake").At 19 I moved to Long Island, NY where I educated myself by watching the Food Network and HGTV, reading cook books and learning from others. Fast forward 13 years later I find myself back in Oregon raising a child.With my husband (aka Mr.Tasteful) being the only one working, it is a challenge for me to figure out how to cook and create a new home on a tight budget. However doing this with a toddler is more challenging and adds to my adventure. Please follow me as a create a new life from scratch.