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Introduction It should now be completely obvious to everyone with a brain in their head that Lib/Lab/Con are merely three different branches of the one enormous NWO/Bilderberg/One-World-Government, Communitarian, EU, Fabian, Demos, Common-Purpose political shitheap that infests Westminster - like one big diabolical, Lefty animal with three heads. Voting for any of the three main parties is the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas and the only way to change this is to root out the problem and start again. I plan to keep talking about these over-educated, over-privileged, self-serving, thick-skulled, arrogant twats until more and more people finally wake up and realise what our so-called "servants", the self-obsessed, self-promoting, callous bastards in successive Lib/Lab/Con governments have been doing to us by stealth since the end of WW2. Want things to change around here? Want to get the country you remember and love back? Then you know what you need to do....... Vote UKIP!