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Gender MALE
Industry Religion
Occupation Servant of Most High,Almighty Abba YAHWEH in His only begotten Ben[son] and our Master MESSIAH YAHSHUA
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Introduction "Scripture is our identity and foundation on which we stand",. We are YAHWEH's workmanship, created in MESSIAH YAHSHUA for good works, which ABBA YAHWEH prepared beforehand that we should walk in them Ephsiyah/Ephesians 2:10 We are Elect according to the foreknowledge of YAHWEH the ABBA [ father ], in sanctification of the RUACH [spirit], for obedience and sprinkling of the Blood of YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH.1 Kepha/peter 1:2 We know that we are of ABBA YAHWEH. 1 Yochanan/John 5:19 We are overcomer’s in MESSIAH because it is our faith & we believe in it that the YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH is the only begotten son of ABBA YAHWEH according to 1 Yochanan/John 5:4-5.
Interests In following MESSIAH YAHSHUA by obeying the eternal and spiritual commandments of Almighty Abba YAHWEH "THE Most High" We are intrested and also engaged in[ministry] carrying forward the mission of our YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH entrusted to Him by our ABBA YAHWEH mentioned in Lukas/Luke 4:18-19.
Favorite Music praise and Worship, specially A Album named "YAHWEH IS HOLY"
Favorite Books Tenakh and Brit Hadashah