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Introduction Limit of Shunt is completely independent and will hopefully become a quaint little relic that the human race can giggle at when it wakes up from the misled, Prohibitionist spell that it has been under for so long ("Oh my, can you believe that they used to call people 'junkies' in the newspaper and lock people up for using drugs?! Gee, I'm glad I didn't live in those times. Hee hee...") Why Limit of Shunt? Well, it's a sign that I see every morning as I arrive into the office and I have since discovered that it is the point at which a train can no longer travel along an alternative track. Much like a biased and discriminatory mainstream media, the limit of shunt puts an end to the adoption of a new route, forcing travellers to continue on the same old track. Plus, it's a cool sounding name and is a lot better than 'Drug Radar' or 'BS Detector'.