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Gender Male
Occupation House Cat
Location South East PA, United States
Introduction One very scary night I was wondering outside of a coffee shop. I found a very warm spot so I settled in to take a quick nap. Next thing I knew there was a very loud noise and lots of rattling. I was very scared and did not want to move from where I was. Finally everything stopped and when I calmed down I tried to move. Lots of ouchies, mysterious humans and some time later I was in a place called a V-E-T. Some guy was taking pictures of my insides and poking me with things called needles. I didn't mind, I'm not scared. Thanks to a very nice lady, I got all fixed up and she even found me a forever home with my Mommy! She gave me a warm place and a second chance at the pampered life I deserve.
Interests Bitey Mice, Catnip, Anything with a bell on it, Mommie
Favorite Movies Cat in the Hat!

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

In my litter box. Dats were I does all muh digginz.