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Gender Female
Introduction At 70 years old I was still deciding on what I should do when I grow up. My life has experienced both failure and success. It is my failures that need to be addressed. I have always tried to PUSH THE WHEEL in everything I did. In my earlier days I created ladies accessories to stores all over the country. I helped my husband build a very successful auto,truck and equipment leasing company. While the stock market was booming, I slowly invested. I began to PUSH THE WHEEL researching companies for my next trades. My portfolio grew beyond my wildest dreams. As a guru among my peers, I gave advice to all those who asked. In our community, I helped form an Investment club. After the year of 2000, the market crashed and I suffered losses like everyone else. I tried to PUSH THE WHEEL again. Rolling up my trading sleeves, I continued with my research of potential stock purchases. No matter how savvy I thought I was, up to March of 2009 nothing worked for me. After March, the market started to improve but I honestly do not know in the future which way the WHEEL will turn
Interests Stock Market, World Affairs, Writing personal poetry to special people, knitting and crocheting, playing with my Maltese dog, enjoying my beautiful and amazing grandchildren