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Introduction The particular appearance and poisonousness of its flowers inspired myths and legends, which point to the aconite as the flower that personifies the revenge and the guilty love. The Greek mythology recounts that Cerberus, the three heads dog of Hecate, the queen of the underworld, had in his dribble aconite seeds. When Hercules carried the beast, foaming at the mouth, away from the underworld to the earth, on the way the seeds were spread on the ground; this way the seeds of the aconite arrived to our world. Norwegian tradition says that the flower was the symbol, because of its shape, of the helmet of Odin, the most valiant of Teutonic gods. This unique head covering gave to everyone who wore it the magic power of becoming invisible to human beings. Christian religion likens it to the monks cowl. In France it is popularly called the Venus cart.