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Gender MALE
Occupation Animated Film
Location Glendale, CA, United States
Introduction Production Designer, Art Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist. Biography: Fred Cline was born May 11, 1961 in Palo Alto, California. As a teenager, he was introduced to film animation by Lee and Mary Blair, retired artist/ animators from his hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Fred graduated from the film school of California Institute of the Arts with a degree in Character Animation. From there he worked on theatrical features at Walt Disney Feature Animation during the revival boom of the studio initiated by the success of The Little Mermaid in 1989. His debut as Art Director was the film, "Rover Dangerfield" produced by Hyperion Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Fred Cline was the Production Designer on Bebe's Kids, a Hyperion/Paramount film which, for the first time in a major studio's theatrical release, featured a majority black character cast. He was the Production Designer on the Paramount/Nickelodeon film, "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius", the first theatrical computer graphics animated feature to use inexpensive, off-the-shelf software (Newtek's "Lightwave").
Interests American Literature, Animation History, Hugh Harman, Lee and Mary Blair, California Watercolors (pre-1960'), American Films c.1939
Favorite Movies Aliens, North by Northwest, King Kong 1933, Snow White, What's Up Doc (Bringing Up Baby - same thing!) The Birds, Grapes of Wrath, Mildred Pierce, Casablanca, any disaster movie.
Favorite Music Chopin, Stevie W., Ella F., Benny G., Chris Cornell
Favorite Books The Good Earth, A Christmas Carol, Anything by James Cain, The Gospels, any biography.

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