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Introduction Pleased to meet you; my name is Connie. Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world - colors and shapes, textures and lighting in the sky, land and water. Sometimes I am inspired by a stitch - the way the beads fit together give me an idea for a new piece.
Interests beading, beadwork, crafts, art, science, engineering, inspiration, technology, reading, writing, books, stories, camping, outdoors, nature, gardening, flowers, fruit, vegetables, nutrition, astronomy, nasa, stars
Favorite Movies The Sting, anything Dr Who (I know it's not really a movie), Monte Python's Holy Grail, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Rush Hour, Kung Fu Hustle, Big Trouble in Little China, Bubba Hotep, Ocean's 11 etc., Evil Dead 2, Clueless, Legally Blond, documentaries especially about dogs and astronomy
Favorite Music They Might Be Giants, De La Soul, Cake, Offspring, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, Glen Miller, Lady Gaga, Pachabel's Cannon in D, Toad the Wet Sprocket, U2, Beethovan especially 9th symphony, Adelle, My Chemical Romance, Vivaldi, Old Blind Dog, Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
Favorite Books Far to many to list, Lord of the Rings, Jim Butcher's books, Connie Willis' books, Patricia Brooks books, non fiction