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Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Introduction Baby Boomer who loves to knit, do calligraphy, train service dogs, practice clicker training and tag teach, listen to music of all kinds, and figure out how to best mess with the mind of my secret ISE4 pal, as I try in vain to figure out her/his identity. I am addicted to audiobooks, and would rather spend $20 at Audible then just about anywhere outside of a yarn store. I love vibrant color around me, am a "no white walls" kind of person, collect colorful Oaxacan carvings, and do 3-D paper sculpture to use as wall decorations. One wall of my home is covered floor to vaulted ceiling with huge mesquite tree branches and lizard carvings of all kinds. If stuck on a desert island, I'd enjoy trying to make fibers I could knit with from grasses, barks, etc. I found and wound. My stash of yarn is so enormous now that I can hardly find room for my clothes, and this is after donating 2/3 of it to a group who knits for charity. I've participated in the ISE since its inception, and love it!