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Location Just This Side of Normal, VA, United States
Introduction You can call me "Serena" or SJ or you can just call me Sherry. If you call me anything else, I'll hear about it. Believe it. I write every now and then and I ... read. I love a good mystery/thriller. If it has me up late, double-checking the locks on the doors, it's hit the mark. I want... Well, I'll let you know when I know. I ADORE comments, by the way (hint-hint).
Interests An eclectic mess of stuff.
Favorite Movies If I like it, I like it; if I don't, I hate it. No favorites.
Favorite Music Yes, I like music.
Favorite Books Books good. Me like.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

No, I'm either just sleepy or do NOT want to lose the dream.