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Location Miami, Florida, United States
Interests Star Wars, horror, film, wrestling, aew, back to the future, lord of the rings, venture bros, wwe, Star Trek, marvel, dc, invincible
Favorite Movies pacific rim, easy rider, all john carpenter films, any kurt russeell movie, back to the future, star wars, star trek, the monster squad, knocked up, the 40 year old virgin, the last Jedi, the good the bad and the ugly, from dusk till dawn, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, kill bill, the avengers, hellboy, the devil's backbone, pan's labrynth, zack and miri make a porno, clerks, cleks 2, mallrats, chassing amy, dogma, jay and silentbob strike back, the highlander, popcorn, the monster squad, from beyond, Big trouble in little china
Favorite Music my chemical romance, dj cummerbund, tenacious d, electric mayhem, trick daddy, magic city hippies
Favorite Books that was then this is now, zombie survival guide, white teeth, the black album

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