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Introduction I'm a newly minted momma of one (Emily). I'm also a wife of one (Matt). We are learning to do life together with Little Bit slowly but surely. I am a great fan of Spanish. In fact, I used to teach it. I'm also a fan of middle schoolers (most of the time). I used to teach them, too. I have a cat named Gurgi. He's kind of a punk. We have a love/hate relationship. If you're going to read much on this blog, you may want to know that God has been amazingly faithful to us, and He's a pretty core part of our lives. We've prayed lots of prayers, and He's done lots of answering. He's definitely worthy of His role (God of the Universe, Creator, Father, Sustainer, Righteous Judge, Truth-Giver, Healer, Holy One, etc.), and I'm moving on up the path to being worthy of calling myself his daughter...well...occasionally the path is more like a slip and slide for me, but I'm more or less heading in the right direction. When I don't, we have a "come to Jesus" - literally - meeting and things get back to the way they should be. Oh, and I definitely know a lot less now than I did ten years ago.

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

I am most definitely, without a doubt, addicted to licking stamps and/or envelopes. Always have been. time licking stamps? When my dad's business had to send out mailings a few times each year. No wet sponge for me! P.S. One of the worst days of my life was when the stupid post office invented stupid sticky stamps that don't need licking. Not cool USPS! Not cool!