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Location Seaford Rise, SA, Australia
Introduction I'm a person just like you but always searching for answers and higher knowledge. I love nature as I've learnt more from nature than from any other source of teaching. I love everything God has created for us and the people that understand this. I studied holistic health for many years only to realize that I knew it all from very young age, learning the art of healing from my grandmother in the village I was born in Medjimurje, Croatia. I had my ups and downs on the road, just like any one but I believe if we knew everything, we would not need to be re-born, coming back to school earth (yes, that's what it is, it's not a classroom with 4 walls around it, your lessons on life begin when you leave the safety of that school).I believe we live in the time where our ancestors are calling us to awaken spiritually to enable us to live in a new world of loving peace as it used to be; WHEN THE TIME APPEARD TO STAND STILL AND THE LAND WAS PURE, MAN LIVED IN HARMONY WITH THE NATURE. And that's what we must strive for. God bless everything and every one under the stars.