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Industry Architecture
Occupation Mom/Interior Design
Location Bloomington, IN, United States
Introduction Mostly: Stay-at-home mom of three and wife (of one). Also: Interior Designer, Locavore, Avid Lactater, Occasional Gardener, Would-be Poultry Rasier, Closet Hippy.
Interests Reading, Architecture & Interior Design, but really more Interior Design, Mid-century Modern, Travel, Yoga, Photography, Cooking for Kids, Families, Traditions, Breast Feeding, Obama 08, Natural Childbirth, Modern Christianity, What does that mean you ask? Well I didn't want to put just "Christianity" as too often that implies narrowness and conservative values (although what does THAT mean?) and I really want to say that I am a devout Christian who believes in an open & affirming church and God that teaches compassion and nonviolence and right livlihood and first and foremost responsibility to other human beings as incarnations themselves of God., Other interests (less lofty):, Kayaking (Ha- wouldn't that be cool), Gardening (I'm horrible at it), Organic Gardening (In my wildest dreams), and Great patterns on fabric.
Favorite Movies Juno recently!, Love Actually, Life is Beautiful, Rushmore, Elizabethtown, To Be & To Have, The Holiday, Volver (Pedro Almodovar), Sense & Sensibility (with Emma Thompson), Motorcycle Diaries, Manhattan (Woody Allen), Amelie, Le Papillon, Shakespeare in Love, Much Ado About Nothing (with Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson), Gosh it's hard to try to remember all my favorite films, I'm sure I'll come up with some more...
Favorite Books Find me on Goodreads, I like a lot of books.