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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Freelance Filmmaker
Location United Kingdom
Introduction I am a British freelance filmmaker, as well as a writer, movie fanatic, and zombie obsessive. I am the author of "Dug Deep" and the "Celebrityville" series of books, and write for Sleaze Fiend Magazine and Homepage of the Dead. I'm the screenwriter for the upcoming film "For Want of a Nail". Of the many filmmakers who influence me, some are: Romero, Raimi, Carpenter, Cameron, Fincher, Tarantino, Rodriguez, Kubrick, Boyle, Zombie, Martino, Fulci, Argento, Cronenberg, Marshall, Smith, Nolan, Dominik, Scott, Mann, Hooper, De Palma, Leone, Spielberg and Zemeckis.
Interests Filmmaking and the history of cinema, the videogame industry, writing (including screenwriting), drawing, painting, collage, and a whole bunch of other stuff, you Nosey Parkers.
Favorite Movies View via the above link - updated in January 2012.
Favorite Music Mainly metal, rock, film soundtracks and all that goes inbetween.
Favorite Books Various stuff like Chuck Palahniuk's work, Mark Kermode's irreverent books on cinema, James Ellroy crime fiction, The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim, cherry-picked titles that happen to take my fancy (The Road, A Clockwork Orange, World War Z etc).