About me

Gender MALE
Occupation In the state of Search Flux - offers welcome
Location upcountry, up north, Israel
Introduction I live in Southern Israel and am eclectic with a long interest in the area of information sources going back to Hayes 1200. Compiled the stimulus atlas of countries with economic stimulus plans at @traintalk (on Twitter)
Interests serendipity, synchronicity, narrative, getting lost, getting found, doing it again
Favorite Movies Syriana, Philadelphia, Rising Sun, Planet of the Apes, The International, The Visitor
Favorite Music Erik Satie, Otis Redding, Frank Zappa, Thelonius Monk, Marilyn Manson
Favorite Books Chasing the Dime, Disclosure, The Dialectical Imagination. A history of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research 1923-1950