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Gender MALE
Location Edinburgh, The Cold Empty Void Between Stars, United Kingdom
Introduction The reality victim often referred to as spiderboris is a novelist, lunatic, professional layabout and barely qualified critic of anything that dares lay itself across his path long enough to allow him to violently kick it until it bleeds and dies. He has been a suspected paranormalist, heathen and demon-worshipper since nineteen eighty-something, and everyone knows that is by far the worst period of these activities history to be involved with. He is currently believed to be existing entirely on the astral planes - whatever one of them is - and desperately attempting to get his brain removed so he can become even more famous than Justin Bieber. He claims also to be a poet, short story writer, online ranter and all-round smartarse. Nobody knows (or gives a shit) who this mysterious character really is, but it seems increasingly likely that he's secretly the ghost of Michael Jackson. So suck on it, girlfriend.
Interests death, pain, a few of the other things. There aren't many
Favorite Movies overexposed ones
Favorite Music the sound of screaming
Favorite Books ones with pictures in

Who knows what that magician has hidden behind the curtain?