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Introduction 40-something married chickabiddy who just might have found her happy life. First we had the baby of our dreams after a very long wait, then came her amazing sister. And just to keep things interesting, I secured work abroad in an amazing place. Borneo, perhaps? Probably not (this time), but sure to be interesting!
Interests Words. The genesis of my screen monniker? Main Entry: Queen Pronunciation: kwēn Function: noun Etymology: Middle English queen, from Old English cwēn woman, wife, queen; aking to Gothic qens wife, Greek gynē woman, Sanskrit jani Date: Before 12th century 1: the wife of a king 2: a female monarch or chieftain 3: a woman eminent in rank, power or attractions 4: a goddess or a thing personified as female and having supremacy in a specified realm 5: an attractive girl or woman 6: the fertile fully developed female of social bees, ants, and termites whose function is to lay eggs 7: a mature female cat kept especially for breeding Ah yes, that's me. Well, hopefully. The breeding bit has yet to be proven.

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

If I'm the hare, when aren't I capable of rapidly producing offspring?