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Gender Male
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Brand Manager
Location San Diego, California, United States
Introduction Devoted father. Lifelong recovering bicycle addict. A tool of corporate oppression- well, Marketing/PR anyway.
Interests Bicycling, fishing, writing, darts, beer, photography, music, reading and more.
Favorite Movies Breaking Away, Triplets of Belleville, American Flyers (I admit it), Apocalypse Now, old war movies (childhood fixation), Pixar stuff (I love computer animation)Sixteen Candles, Napoleon Dynamite ("It's a Sledgehammer."), Blazing Saddles, Holy Grail ("They call me 'Tim', the Enchanter.")... I'll add more later.
Favorite Music Too many to name, but... Jazz, Classical, Opera, Ska (the Specials!), Cabaret Voltaire, the Clash... so much more... I'll add more later.
Favorite Books The Ronin. Dandelion Wine. Lots of poetry by Robert Creeley and many others. Poetry is my thing.

If there's no I in team, why is there meat?

Because it tastes so good with gravy, of course. Pork; the other dead meat!