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Industry Internet
Occupation Founder/Webmaster for Speak Sexy
Location United States
Introduction Rose Rivera is the primary author and founder of Speak Sexy, LLC (http://www.speaksexy.org). She has a Masters degree in Family & Sexuality Studies from KUL, Belgium and a B.A. in Psychology from Hampshire College, USA. Her passions include learning about sexuality, sharing that knowledge with others, and exploring/exposing the cultural “taboos” surrounding human sexual behavior. Please feel free to contact her for any reason at Rose@speaksexy.org!
Interests Speak Sexy began with the simple idea of bringing together like-minded individuals who wanted to explore sexuality in an honest, thoughtful, and mature atmosphere. From the mundane realities of our bodily functions to the exquisite realms of our erotic imaginations, this site strives to enrich the lives of its readers by showcasing sexuality from all sides - culturally, historically, biologically, emotionally, and intimately. With frank discussions, best of the adult web highlights, and the occasional heart-pounding erotica thrown in for added spice, Speak Sexy is constantly improving and expanding with the generous help of our incredible readers. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the porn? ;)