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Industry Student
Occupation part-time Illustrator
Location New England, United States
Introduction I'm a rather silly and positive person who enjoys making art, puns, and spelling things "wrong." I am a narrative artist who communicates ideas through line,High contrast lighting, and a limited color pallet of complementary colors. For more of my artwork: http://www.peterbergamojr.com/ Email:peter@peterbergamojr.com
Interests art, video games, comics, movies, legos, A.M Cassandre, Goya, Coles Philips, FSc, Japanese wood print
Favorite Movies Scott Pilgrim, Fight Club, Wall-e, District 9, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix
Favorite Music Martin O'Donnell
Favorite Books John Dies at the End, FLCL, muZz, Scott Pilgrim, Fight Club, Rant

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